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Controller board that makes it easy to connect 4-bit interface monochrome displays to a computer using USB.




  • Epson S1D13700 controller
  • USB interface
  • DC/DC converter for negative VEE voltage
  • Maximum supported resolution 640 x 240
  • Backlight brightness control
  • Generic 2.54 mm pitch connector, 14 pin 1.25 mm FFC connector and 12 pin 1.25 mm FFC connector for connecting the display (12 pin FFC connector is not included in the default configuration, if it is needed you should specify this while ordering)
  • User customizable startup image
  • Size 60 x 50 mm
  • Programmable S1D13700 clock frequency
  • 14 general purpose I/O pins
  • I/O interface can also support SPI
  • Adjustable backlight PWM frequency allows using a frequency that is the best match for your display
  • Separate CCFL inverter dimming signal that can be configured for 3.3V, 5V or 12V level
  • Powered from 5V usually. 12V power input is only needed if the display or backlight needs it
  • Optionally can be configured to use USB power if used with a low power display
  • Supports 3.3V and 5V displays



Software support

Drivers for software including

  • LCDInfo
  • LCDStudio
  • LCDHype
  • Mediaportal

You can also suggest other software for which you'd like to see support.

Custom application development using the provided DLL API is supported. The API also gives the option to use direct S1D13700 commands giving full access to the S1D13700 features if preferred. This can be also useful for porting existing code to use the USB board.

OS support includes Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 32/64-bit. The controller works also with Linux and support for more software in Linux is currently under development.





Generic display connector pinout

No Symbol Function
1 FPFRAME First line marker
2 FPLINE Data latch
3 GND Ground (0V)
4 FPSHIFT Data shift
5 FPD0 Display data
6 FPD1 Display data
7 FPD2 Display data
8 FPD3 Display data
9 GND Ground (0V)
10 GND Ground (0V)
11 +5V Power supply for display (+5V)
12 +5V Power supply for display (+5V)
13 MOD Alternate (M / MOD / WF)
14 /DISPOFF Display On / Off
15 VEE Power supply for LCD drive
16 VADJ LCD contrast adjust voltage
17 +3.3V Power supply for display (+3.3V)
18 NC Not connected
19 +12V Power supply for display (+12V)
20 +12V Power supply for display (+12V)























Configuration tool

Programming API


USB13700 section in the forum

Display library compatible with USB13700


It is also possible to make custom versions of the hardware and software. If your application would need a customized version of the USB13700 controller board or some custom support software developed please get in touch and we can discuss about the possibilities.